When Should You Call An Expert For AC Coil Cleaning?

Even though Florida is a month away from peak summer, residents of Phoenix, Tampa, and a few other places around the country are already calling for AC repair and maintenance services by professionals such as those from ac service in Oakland Park, FL. Why? Because the weather in these parts remains hot and moist throughout the year, and they want to get a head start on cooling their homes before the professionals become overbooked. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that their system operates efficiently once the summer arrives. According to professionals such as Mac-Vik Plumbing and Heating’ ac repair in lakewood, a big part of AC maintenance is coil cleaning. The unclean coils don’t just hamper the performance of the unit; too much dust and dirt build-up can lead to total breakdown of the equipment. However, spring is not the only time when your cooling coils may need cleaning. So, what cleaning rituals you should follow to keep the coils and ductless mini-splits in tiptop condition? Here are a few things you need to know:
Frequency of AC Coil Cleaning
The truth is, there is no fixed time to schedule an appointment with AC experts for repairs and maintenance air conditioning. It all depends on how much dirt collects inside your machine. You could dust your cooling system on a regular basis or place it somewhere clean and dry, but no matter what you do, dirt and other particles will always find their way inside your air conditioner. Now, it might not affect the technology instantly, but once the everyday grit and grime crosses a certain threshold, the possibility of system damage increases. So according to experts like expert plumbers from this website, you need to take charge of the situation and clean the coils a minimum of two times every year.
The condition of the AC coils also depends considerably on an array of other factors, including:
  • AC Age and Condition: Have you been using your air conditioning system for the better part of a decade? Does your unit often experience operational problems? If the answer to both these questions is yes, Note that older cooling machines have a tendency to collect dust and get dirt more quickly.
  • AC Location: Did you install your AC near a window – one that stays open most of the day? No wonder your machine is collecting so much dirt and debris; it’s all coming in from the outside and settling inside your equipment. The situation gets a lot worse if there’s construction work going on outside your house, or the heat and smoke from the exhaust systems of nearby businesses and restaurants comes in contact with your AC regularly. In all of these cases, you must schedule the cleaning of your AC coils at more frequent intervals. You may check out this Heating & Air Conditioning Replacement in Lakeway, TX to inspect your system.
  • AC Usage: How many times a day do you turn on your home cooling system? How long does your AC run each time? Remember, the more you use your unit, the more dust and dirt it collects – a factor that necessitates a more frequent cleaning of your AC coils.
  • Performance: You might also have to clean the AC coils if it feels as if your unit isn’t cooling your house as efficiently as it should. And while doing that use a brush on the components along with the surrounding parts. This gets rid of all the dirt and debris without causing any damage. You may visit sites like https://sharpplumbing.com/service-areas/northborough-ma/ for professional help.
Why Does It Matter?
There are two types of coils found in AC units – the condenser coil and the evaporator coil. When both these coils get dirty, they increase the energy consumption of your system by more than 30 percent. Also, limited heat transfer efficiency may lead to other AC problems, such as frozen evaporator coils, overheating of the compressor, and reduced cooling performance.
Dirty coils significantly affect AC efficiency, obstruct airflow, and reduces the system’s ability to absorb heat. On the other hand, keeping coils clean can go a long way to maintain the performance of your cooling machine. So, make sure that coil cleaning is included in your AC servicing contract. However, you may have to call an AC repair professional at least twice a year in Tampa and other cities with a similar weather pattern for cleaning the coils in your system. A well-maintained unit not only cools your system properly, but ensures that it lasts longer as well. Plus, you save money by avoiding sudden breakdowns and not having to pay for emergency repairs. You can view website for more details.
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