Wheelchair Dog in China Proves That Anything is Possible

News about a cute disabled dog walking on the streets of Chongqing, China went viral this week.
If you’re having a bad day, just look at the adorable photos of a disabled dog walking on the downtown streets of Chongqing with the help of a wheelchair.
Photos of the dog were posted on the internet and netizens filled the comment sections with lots of “awwws” for the adorable pup and his loving owner, Shanghaiist reported.
A couple of months ago, another story about another disable dog that enjoys outdoor adventures also caught the attention of netizens.
Tessa, a 13-year-old mixed dog breed, lost the ability to control her back legs due to an incurable disease that affected her months ago. But despite her condition, Tessa is still able to enjoy the outdoors thanks to her owners Roger and Sandra Snell who got her a dog wheelchair they found online.
In a reversal of roles, a paralyzed shoe repairman named Bo Laoma has found his best friend through his pup. Not only did the dog prove its loyalty by staying at his side, the tail-wagging companion has been seen pushing the man to his workplace and back home via a homemade wheelchair.
This only goes to show that sometimes one of the best friends any man can have comes with a tail and four legs.
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