What Your Coffee Brewing Preference Says About Your Personality

The reasons coffee drinkers often develop preferences for one brewing method over others, whether it’s instant over French press or single-serve pods over the local barista, can say a lot about the person.

The humorous illustrations below from the Coffee Tasting Club typecasts the various kinds of coffee personalities based on their choice of brewing method.

After-dinner plungers,” for instance, prefer their coffee French pressed in an effort to impress others, and — surprise, surprise — they’re also the type (read: hipster) to have “thoughtfully selected vinyl records playing in the background at a level for appropriate for dinner conversation.” Yeah, we all know at least one of those.

Check out the types below, and try flipping a coin (you can do it online as it’s one of several Google tricks) the next time you have a choice on how to brew — don’t get stuck  being an after-dinner plunger!

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