Women Dressing Up as Santa Claus is a Huge Part of Japanese Christmas

Women Dressing Up as Santa Claus is a Huge Part of Japanese ChristmasWomen Dressing Up as Santa Claus is a Huge Part of Japanese Christmas
Much like the Holiday-themed parties and KFC chicken feasts, young Japanese women wearing Santa Claus outfits have become a staple of 
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Each year, models, idols and even ordinary cosplayers put on their best costumes which are loosely based on the classic Santa suit, Soranews24.  
image via Twitter/Onakasuita3_3
Known as “Santacos” (“Santa” and “cosplay”), these adorable costumed girls share their Santa-themed images online during the holiday season to bring holiday cheer to their fans and followers. Most of the Santacos usually go for a mix of cuteness and sexiness as shown in their photos.
image via Twitter/akh_klkl
Their online presence also undoubtedly delight numerous single guys who are a bit left out of the romantic air of Christmas Eve, which is considered the date night of the year in Japan.
image via Twitter/fujichan2010
Before the popularity of the term “Santacos,” women who wear such getups are more commonly known as “minisukasanta,” which means “miniskirt Santa.” Santacos just recently became the more preferred term due to the increasing popularity of cosplay.
Since they are not strictly vying to look exactly like the jolly, chubby character from the North Pole, Santacos can add some varieties to their outfits.
This Santacos, for example, adds a red cape to complete her attire:
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While this one wears boots to compliment her sexy Santa wardrobe:
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There are some who wear hoods and others who wear bunny ears.
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There are also those who wear a combination of both:
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Even K-pop girl group Blackpink showed off their own Santacosattire during their recent concert in Japan.
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Featured image via Twitter/Onakasuita3_3 (left) /akh_klkl (right)
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