This Delicious Japanese Dish is The Cheapest Way to Start Your Day

Ask Japanese food lovers their favorite dish and sushi almost always gets in the list. While cultural prestige puts Japanese cuisine among the world’s more expensive meals (with the most expensive beef, apparently), it’s no secret that fresh ingredients and simple flavors can do the trick.

This is why Japanese people can do anything they want with rice — a humble staple in the dining table. That includes making delicious balls out of it.

For those who may not know, this is “onigiri.” It’s a rice ball that’s prepared like a sandwich (nori as the bun), with omelet and vegetables included on the plate as well.

And the miso soup counts, too. Seriously, does anyone dislike the flavorful punch of dashi broth?

As you can see, onigiri makes a perfect breakfast. Rice provides carbohydrates, the omelette brings the protein and the vegetables give you vitamins and minerals.

Onigiri’s roots can be traced nearly 2,000 years back, when sticky rice was grilled as rice balls. A good onigiri is one that’s made by hand but not crammed too hard, The Japan Times said.

Omusubi, on the other hand, are rice balls that take the shape of a triangle. It’s a popular folk tale, too.

Today, there are many variations of onigiri considering the type of rice, fillings and other ingredients you can pack into it. Specialty shops are also all over Japan, so prospects shouldn’t have trouble getting a mouthful.

But if you’ve got no time to dine, konbinis can always help.

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