Woman Shares Disturbing Experience of Alleged Human Trafficking At Santa Cruz Restaurant

This post has been updated with a quote from the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office.

An Asian woman took to Twitter to describe a disturbing moment she encountered when she tried to use a public restroom in Santa Cruz, California with a friend.

The incident reportedly occurred at Whale City Bakery Bar & Grill in Davenport around 5 to 6 p.m. on July 27.

“If you guys go to Santa Cruz, please do not go to this restaurant called Whale City. if you guys need to use the bathroom DO NOT BUDDY UP WITH A GIRL!! PLEASE BRING A GUY FRIEND WITH YOU because my friend and I experienced something horrible,” user @jennxv wrote on Sunday.

The two women allegedly pulled into the Bar & Grill’s dirt parking lot to use the bathroom at the location. However, when they entered the building to use the indoor restrooms, they were stopped and told to use separate restrooms outside of the establishment.

“… A white woman who was eating strangely came up to us and told us to use the outside “bathroom” when there was an empty bathroom inside? My friend followed what she said and that moment I was confused as to why we couldn’t use the inside one,” she continued on Twitter.

She noticed something unsettling about the outdoor restroom when she offered to let her friend use the facilities first, the user wrote, “I noticed there was another door inside the “bathroom” and another door right next to the outside one.”

While the Twitter user was waiting outside for her friend, for a brief moment she reportedly saw a man exiting out of one of these doors. “… A strange dude came out of the next door “bathroom”… He saw me and looked at him and HE WENT RIGHT BACK IN,” she wrote. It was at this moment that the two women realized the situation could be dangerous and left the building immediately.

“The woman inside tried to lure us inside the bathroom just so the guy from the outside could take us!!!” she continued. “That f***ing experience was just so terrifying. A lot of girls go missing every day and please please just AWAYS be AWARE! Always carry around pepper spray at all time.”

Since the female Twitter user shared her experiences online, her initial tweet has received over 5,000 retweets. Since the thread has gone viral several other women have begun sharing their own disturbing experiences at the exact same location, leading to accusations of the restaurant’s possible involvement in human trafficking.

While some users remained skeptical of the women’s experiences, other female users were quick to point out the repeated suspicious incidents occurring on the establishment’s grounds and the similar nature of the allegations made by several different women.

On July 31, Sgt. Dee Baldwin of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office revealed that they were in contact with the owners of the restaurant and that they never received any reports from victims, according to KION:

“We don’t know the identity of the person making the allegations, it’s under social media platform where we don’t have their real name so we don’t have the ability to even reach out at this point we’re looking into what happened to determine if there is any substance to it.”

Featured image (left) via Twitter/@jennxv , (right) via Google

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