We’ve Been Saying Manny Pacquiao’s Name Wrong This Whole Time

Here’s an interesting fact about one of the most anticipated fights of all time taking place tomorrow: Most Americans have been saying one of the boxers’ names wrong this whole time, and it’s not “Floyd Mayweather Jr.”

Manny Pacquiao’s name has fallen victim to Americans’ notorious habit of butchering foreign names, and it’s really only the Filipino Americans who’ve been pronouncing Pacquiao’s name correctly.

It’s not pronounced “PACK-EE-OW” or “PACK-YOW,” like we all thought — it’s pronounced “PUCK-KEY-OW.”




This also technically makes his nickname, “Pac Man,” something more like “Puck Man.”

Perhaps we’ve gone too far to change our ways, though, and Pacquiao should just accept his fate?

Source: CNNMoney Image via TimesLive

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