Chinese Netizens Have the Most Hilarious Names For Western Celebrities

Many celebrities have nicknames, like how we call Kobe Bryant “The Black Mamba” or Taylor Swift “Tay” or Kanye West “Yeezy.” However, these are nothing compared to the names Chinese social media users give them.

In a recent video from YouTube channel Double Chen, Chinese nicknames for famous Western celebrities are revealed. Needless to say, some of these are hilarious AF.

Here are our top five favorites:

Nicki Minaj = Spicy Chicken

Minaj’s nickname has nothing to do with her character or personality. She’s given that nickname simply because her last name sounds like “spicy chicken” in Chinese, which is “ma la ji.”

Taylor Swift = Unlucky (Bus)

Despite her fame in the west, Swift was given this nickname because of her trouble being able to top of the charts in China.

Jennifer Lawrence = Eldest Cousin

Because of her cool persona, Lawrence earned her nickname symbolizing the “cool cousin” you’ve always wanted to be like when you were growing up.

Kristen Stewart = Facial Nerve Paralysis Girl

I don’t think this needs an explanation.

Carly Rae Jepsen = Squat Sister

Because she’s always squatting on her album covers. (Why does she do that anyways?)

h/t: RocketNews24

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