The West Coast is the Happiest Place to Work, New Report Finds

The West Coast is the Happiest Place to Work, New Report Finds
Laura Dang
By Laura Dang
June 13, 2015
Monster and Brandwatch collected and analyzed over 1.1 million tweets in the United States for a year and found that East Coasters were more likely to be unhappy in their jobs than those on the West Coast.
The data accumulated from March 2014 to March 2015 show that the top eight states with the highest ratio of tweets related to people “loving their job” are based in the West (with the exception of Arkansas and Maine). The states that expressed the greatest unhappiness in their jobs included Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.
Top jobs in California in which workers are happiest with their careers are software engineering and graphic designing. Meanwhile, the top jobs in Maryland where people express the greatest dissatisfaction with work are those in government, data analysis and mail processing.
Money also doesn’t seem to be able to buy happiness, as data from Monster-Wage Indicator shows East Coasters are very well paid. The best paid positions in healthcare, finance and legal fields are most heavily concentrated in the Northeast. On the other hand, the West offers the highest paid jobs in construction, education and information technology.
Top job bashing hashtags collected in the report included #ihatemyjob, #fml and #retailproblems. Meanwhile, people showing love for their jobs frequently used the hashtags #ilovemyjob and #blessed.
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