Meet the Adorable Little Girl Who’s China’s Youngest Backpacker

At just five years old, Wenwen has been to places many other backpackers have never been. The little girl’s parents believe that their daughter could learn more from experiences rather than school.

South China Morning Post reported a story of a backpacker family of four who has traveled to the Himalayan mountain range and to the forests of Southern Asia. Tagging along with them are their kids, an eight-year-old son and their internet famous daughter, Wenwen.

The little girl, who will turn six this year, started her travels when she was just one year and three months old. The family has already been to various places in China and plans to carry out their expedition to Laos and China’s Xinjiang province where the Lop Nur desert is located.

Wenwen’s father, Pan Tufeng, said that while they have done their trips on foot, which meant walking 15-30 km (9-18.5 miles) per day last year, he is planning to get a car because he doesn’t want to play with his children’s lives.

According to Wenwen’s parents, they want to keep hiking until the little girl starts primary school and hopes that this would mold her to become tough and independent, according to AsiaOne.

“I’m quite strict… When we were hiking, she cried because of blisters on the feet but she has to keep walking. I care for her but I want to train her (to face pressure). There will be bigger challenges in her future,” Tufeng said.

Wenwen’s grandmother was initially not in favor of exposing her grandchildren to tough training but could now see in the kids the positive results of their travels.

Many online users said that this might be a good way to shape kids so they grow up with gratitude and persistence, just like Wenwen.

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