Chinese Doctor Sells Her Houses for $230,000, Spends Her Life Saving Stray Animals

A woman in China has dedicated her life — and considerable amount of money — to taking care of stray animals.
After retiring from her career as a successful doctor, Weng Xiaoping sold two properties for 1.8 million yuan ($273,800). She’s used that money to take in hundreds of unwanted dogs and cats over the past eight years, reports the People’s Daily Online (via Daily Mail).
The 62-year-old Weng, who now only counts on her pension as an income, moved away from the city and into the mountains after her retirement to open a sanctuary for homeless dogs and cats.
“These little animals need 18 buckets of rice one meal and they eat up 50 kilograms of rice every day,” she told the People’s Daily. “I have to spend over 7,000 yuan on food for them every month.”
The animal lover also puts in another 7,000 yuan ($1,064) a month for two assistants to help her care for the animals.
Weng, who reportedly owns the land her sanctuary is on for another three decades, says she hopes that another kindhearted animal lover will take her place when she gets older.
“I have struggled for years to look after these stray animals,” she said. “I really hope that a competent and nice person will inherit the base from me when I am old one day.”
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