Don’t Tell Your Parents About the Indonesian Man with 32 Degrees and Certifications

Don’t Tell Your Parents About the Indonesian Man with 32 Degrees and Certifications

July 20, 2020
Welin Kusuma, 39, has worked over 21 years to earn 11 Bachelor’s degrees, three Master’s degrees, and 18 professional certifications, reported Vice.
The Indonesian man started his post-secondary education at age 18 in 1999, earning a degree in Industrial Engineering before nabbing 31 more. His title is an architectural marvel: Welin Kusuma, S.T., S.E., S.Sos., S.H, S.Kom., S.S., S.Ap., S.Stat., S.Akt., S.I.Kom., S.I.P., M.T., M.S.M., M.Kn., RFP-I, CPBD, CPPM, CFP, Aff.WM, BKP, QWP, CPHR, ICPM, AEPP, CBA, CMA, CPMA, CIBA, CBV, CERA, CSA, ACPA.
There doesn’t seem to be time for games in Kusama’s schedule. He studied for his skills with specific time slots for each course: one in the morning, one at night, one on the weekends and one online.
As if these academic laurels weren’t enough, he has also broken and set new records. In 2012, with only 18 titles at age of 31, he held the record for the most multidisciplinary academic titles in Indonesia with the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).
Kusuma’s peers would average 111 credits across 4 to 5 semesters. He averaged the same amount of credits in one semester, a feat that earned him his own Wikipedia page.
Glancing through his LinkedIn shows only a sliver of the academic and professional success that he has had over the past decade.
Kusuma seems to show no signs of stopping in his passion of lifelong learning, despite working for one of Indonesia’s top tobacco companies for over 11 years and finding his own tax consulting company.
“University is a hobby for me, I truly enjoy learning,” Kusuma told CNN Indonesia.  “I’m certain that by going to university, I will gain knowledge that is useful to me in a practical sense.”
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