Bobaristas Reveal the WEIRDEST Boba Orders They’ve Ever Received

Bobaristas Reveal the WEIRDEST Boba Orders They’ve Ever ReceivedBobaristas Reveal the WEIRDEST Boba Orders They’ve Ever Received
We all have our own signature boba orders, whether you like to go for classic flavors or get inventive with your toppings, there’s a general rule to these things and what is deemed to be a socially acceptable boba order.
We asked a few people who have in the past or currently are working in bubble tea shops to reveal some of the weirdest orders they’ve had to make and let’s just say, their answers did not disappoint.

Kimmy, 20

“I worked at a boba shop as my first job and I had high schoolers come in and order just ice water with boba. The water was free so they just paid the 50 cents for the boba topping.”

Nik, 19

“This happened to my coworker… We live in a predominantly white area and he only speaks Mandarin and this lady ordered a HOT coffee SLUSH. He got really confused and she just threw a fit because she couldn’t get the specific order.”

Stacey, 23

“I worked at a bubble tea shop for about half a year and there was a customer who ordered Hong Kong milk tea with tapioca. And then more tapioca. And then more. And once more. Half the thing was filled with tapioca. She wasn’t happy with the result, because she wanted more tapioca. She never came back haha.”


“I work at Teaspoon and someone sent us an Uber Eats order of a drink with every single topping we had.”

Joaquin, 17

“Someone ordered a large cup of white pearls… No tea, nothing. Just pearls.”

Matt, 25

“Weirdest order is between a Thai tea milk tea w/lychee fruit pearls or Mango Slush w/mochi.”

Erin, 21

“Watermelon slush with egg pudding and a shot of espresso.”

Aimee, 18

“I used to work at MJ Café and Teahouse when I was 18. We used to get a lot of non-Asian folks ordering boba milk without boba.”

Megan, 20

“The weirdest order I’ve gotten had to be from a lady who wanted the pearls blended into a large smoothie because she didn’t like the texture but liked the taste.”

Ally, 18

“The weirdest thing I had to make was a cup of water with boba and red bean in it.”


“HOT ice tea.”
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