Weibo User Hailed as a Master PhotoShopper For Her Incredible Transformations

A social media user in Weibo, China’s very own take on Twitter, is attracting massive attention for having superb image-editing skills that easily qualify as digital sorcery.

The netizen, who goes by the username Kanahoooo, has been given the moniker “Photoshop Holy,” and there’s no debate over it.

Well, it’s actually Kanahoooo’s day job to manipulate photos so that people would look “shiny”, according to Elite Readers.

People apparently ask for her services so they can present themselves better in social networks.

Well, if some can demand touch-ups for their arrest photos, then law-abiding citizens must have the liberty to look however they please, right?

Kanahoooo shows evidence of her astounding talent by pitting raw files against her edited work, despite the fact that her subjects become no longer recognizable.

Aside from women’s faces, Kanahoooo also tends to men, ladyboys and animals!

Others may be more impressed at Kanahoooo’s abilities to morph bodies into slimmer forms. In the game of modern online reputation, diet and exercise are things of the past.

While she does all these for a living, Kanahoooo warns of the dangers of online deception and encourages people to meet their dates in person.

How far will you go in the name of beauty?

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