Women on Weibo call out men who said they wanted to take in attractive Russia-Ukraine war refugee girls

Women on Weibo call out men who said they wanted to take in attractive Russia-Ukraine war refugee girlsWomen on Weibo call out men who said they wanted to take in attractive Russia-Ukraine war refugee girls
Bryan Ke
February 25, 2022
Chinese female Weibo users expressed outrage online after several men “jokingly” said they were willing to accept female Ukrainian refugees amid the Ukraine crisis in eastern Europe.
The Twitter-like platform exploded with differing views on the crisis, with hashtags like “the latest update on the Russia-Ukraine situation” taking over the platform’s trending topics and garnering millions of views early Thursday morning, according to SupChina.
Comments expressed viewpoints ranging from support for Russia’s attack on Ukraine to outrage and disbelief. Among the commenters were reportedly several men who left comments saying they would open their doors to take in attractive Ukrainian refugees amid the crisis.
One of the men who commented on the topic said he only cares about “the girls in Ukraine.” Another one wrote, “I am withdrawing myself from participating in the discussion about Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. But due to my humanitarian beliefs, I am open to taking in Ukrainian teenage girls who become homeless because of the war.”
I am saddened by what Ukrainian citizens have to deal with. I propose that China should give entry to 10,000 Ukrainian refugees. Unmarried Ukrainian girls need to be protected from the misery of the war,” one user wrote.
I only care about whether pretty women from Ukraine can be safely imported into China,” another said.
A female Weibo user revealed via her account that she had been subjected to harassment after her post that called out men on their comments about Ukrainian women went viral online with more than 200,000 likes. She said some angry men responded by sending messages calling her a “b*tch” and other pejorative terms.
When seeing the suffering of civilians in another country, instead of showing any sympathy, these men are delighted that a new group of women will become available to them,” one of the comments in her trending post read. “Their brains are completely dictated by their d*cks.”
Another Weibo user named Dezhou Meimaoxi wrote in response to the men: “You’re ignoring the pain of civilians on this side of the world, fanning up war and empathizing with power, making jokes of ‘taking in pretty girls.’ You don’t realize that [even though] you’re temporarily fortunate enough to just watch the war, you might be in one by the next second. Nobody alone can escape the turbulence of our time,” reported Free Malaysia Today.
Weibo reportedly became a battleground for the war of words between the United Kingdom and Russia last week when UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to reconsider his plans to invade the eastern European country.
We urge everyone to engage in dialogue – the Russian government should avoid making decisions that would be disastrously wrong for their country,” Johnson wrote on his Chinese social media account, South China Morning Post reported.
In a Weibo post, the Russian embassy in China described Johnson’s statement as “absurd,” claiming that the post was designed to “further inflame the hysteria surrounding the so-called imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine.”
The continued military development in Ukraine supported by Nato countries through the supply of large amount of weapons to the country is an example of the escalation of the situation,” the embassy continued.
Russia began its invasion of Ukraine early Thursday morning, raining down airstrikes and shelling from land and sea, targeting several cities, Al Jazeera reported. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, about 137 civilians and military personnel were killed on the first day of the attack, while 316 people were wounded.
The United Nations refugee agency has also said that more than 100,000 Ukrainians have been displaced.
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