Woman Orders iPhone 7 Online in China, Gets Exactly What She Deserves

Sometimes when you try to buy a hot new tech item online like the iPhone 7 in a sold out country like China, odds are the offer is too good to be true.

That’s what one woman discovered when she ordered an “iPhone 7” online, only for her package to contain an iPhone 3, an iPhone 4, and a “fusion card” from Yu-Gi-Oh. The cruel little joke card is intended for the customer to just “fuse” the two phones together to get an iPhone 7.

User Canalé Mimi posted the contents of her package on Weibo:

The photo eventually made it’s way to Reddit where one commenter simply said:

“So what’s the problem? Fuse them you idiot.”

As always with buying new gadgets, especially in China, buyers should always beware.

She can always try to hit up Wang Sicong’s dog Coco for an iPhone 7 — she has 8 of them and she doesn’t even have thumbs.

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