Chinese Martial Artist Punches Himself in the Nuts Everyday For ‘Good Health’

Chinese Martial Artist Punches Himself in the Nuts Everyday For ‘Good Health’

February 24, 2017
For all the men out there who will see this, whatever you do, please don’t try this at home.
Wei Yaobin from the Chinese city of Luoyang has made a unique reputation for himself as the “Iron Crotch Kung Fu” master.
This doesn’t mean that he is, by any means, genetically superior, having been born with balls of steel. Master Wei actually runs a Kung Fu studio where he teaches students how to withstand powerful blows when hit on the nether region.
Many enthusiasts believe that this type of training can improve their sexual health. Additionally, many students of Master Wei believe that the practice will help those who suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, according to Asia One.
“I have learned this Kung Fu skill since I turned 67 years old. I think it is good for my health. I insist on doing it everyday,” Master Wei said.
Even without scientific proof that it helps a man’s sexual health in any kind of way, the “crotch” training still manages to attract hundreds of students every year.
Master Wei also revealed that he has practiced crotch battering for 10 years. He said that this kind of talent runs in the family so not many people would be able to withstand it. However, with his desire to make this disturbing practice more popular and publicly accepted, he started to welcome and teach those who want to learn.
In the video shared by Asia One, you can see a couple of “trained” enthusiasts, including Master Wei, as they endure agonizing hits to their nether region. They deliberately hit their groins with bricks, have someone kick them hard in the crotch, and in the most painful scenes, have a giant battering ram smash their private region without squirming.
Let’s all take a moment of silence for all those who are reading, whose crotches just shriveled and died.
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