People Who Smoke Weed Have One Thing in Common: They Have Better and More Sex

Weed smokers have more and better sex, according to the findings of a new survey.

Condom brand Skyn surveyed over 500,000 U.S. millennials about their sex lives and found that cannabis smokers seem to have more fun in the bedroom.

The survey found that 14% of people who smoke marijuana daily reported having sex several times a day; of those who have never smoked marijuana, 5% reported the same.

Regular weed smokers also reported having more sexual partners than non-smokers. Thirty-seven percent of those who smoke daily reported having 15 or more sexual partners, compared to 14% of those who have never smoked.

Stoners also seemed to be more confident in their sexual prowess. Fifty-nine percent of weed smokers described their skill in bed as “amazing” or “very good,” while only 14% of non-smokers said the same.

Another area where pot users’ average was higher than those who abstain: one-night stands. Eighty percent of smokers reported having a one-night stand, while only 52% of non-smokers reported the same.

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