Woman Loses Wedding Rings Given by Her Parents Who Died of COVID-19

Woman Loses Wedding Rings Given by Her Parents Who Died of COVID-19Woman Loses Wedding Rings Given by Her Parents Who Died of COVID-19
A 29-year-old woman in Queens in New York City was left devastated after losing the wedding rings her parents gave her when they both died from COVID-19 earlier this year.
Beverly Tobias was walking on Broadway near 34th Street in Astoria on Nov. 3 when the rings she bound using a chain around her neck broke, according to ABC7 New York.
Beverly Tobias via ABC7 NY/@cefaan
Tobias described the rings as simple, thin and gold-colored. There is also an asterisk engraved outside and her parents’ names inside.
“I started screaming, I was crying and screaming, I can’t believe this happened to me,” Tobias said. “You know because this is all I have left.”
Her 71-year-old father, Roberto Tobias, passed away on May 30, while her 61-year-old mother, Loida Tobias, died on June 30. They both succumbed to COVID-19.
Tobias said her parents, who were married for more than 30 years, were inseparable and best friends. They were so in sync that they both gave each other the same anniversary card at one point.
Loida and Roberto Tobias via ABC7 NY/@cefaan
“My parents meant everything to me, they were my best friends, and they’re gone now,” she said. “So those rings, they’re all I have left of them.”
Her parents did not have much when they got married and moved to the United States.
“My parents were, they were poor when they first got married, there’s very little value for resale,” she said. “I felt them with me when I had the rings.”
Tobias tried to look for the missing rings at a nearby pawn shop and to some jewelry stores.
One of the owners told the woman someone came in to sell the rings. But he did not buy them because the person was acting strange and constantly checking over his shoulder.
The woman believes those are the rings she’s been looking for as they all happened on the same day and around the location where she lost them.
Feature Image via ABC7 NY/@cefaan
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