Man Gives Wife Bouquet of Over $700 in Cash as a Wedding Anniversary Gift

wedding anniversary

A man from Singapore gave his wife a bouquet made out of Singapore dollar bills worth a total of 1,000 ($718) as a wedding anniversary gift.

Details of the very generous gesture were not revealed including the reaction of the spouse, but Singapore florist J’s Money Bouquet shared a few pictures of the finished product on Facebook on June 4, according to The Asian Parent Singapore.

The money bouquet consisted of five 10 Singapore dollar notes, nine 50 Singapore Dollar notes, and five 100 Singapore dollar notes for a grand total of 1,000 Singapore dollars folded into this expensive gesture.

Wives are already commenting on the photo, tagging their husbands as a subtle hint of their expectations.

Money bouquets are slowly becoming a trend to those who can afford it.

In 2017, a man gave his girlfriend a bouquet that was worth $1,450 in China and in 2018, a Thai woman gave her boyfriend a $3,100 cash bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

Feature Image via J’s Money Bouquet

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