Indian Twitter Calls Out WebMD’s ‘Abominable’ Chai Latte Recipe


Indian social media users were not pleased with WebMD’s chai latte recipe, with some calling it an abomination.

The recipe causes a stir: WebMD posted the recipe on its Twitter account with the caption, “Learn how to make a chai latte — without the coffee shop price tag.”

  • The recipe video started off by boiling two cups of water and adding three tea bags, five crushed cardamom pods and three crushed cloves, according to NDTV.
  • Then, the video took a different turn compared to the “traditional” way of making masala chai when the cook added star anise, cinnamon sticks and a tablespoon of ginger.
  • But what infuriated Indian Twitter users was the addition of coconut milk and maple syrup.

Not their cup of tea: Many users quickly took jabs at WebMD’s attempt at teaching them how to make their tea.

  • Other users joked that the drink could be turned into a meal.

Featured Image Screenshots via WebMD

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