Wealthy 65-year-old man in Indonesia divorces 19-year-old wife after 2 months of marriage

  • A wealthy Indonesian man, 65, reportedly divorced his 19-year-old bride after two months of marriage.
  • The two previously went viral in May following the news of their relationship and the age gap between them.
  • The 19-year-old bride had a dowry of RM 149,346.15 (approximately $33,599), and the man bought her a house and car.
  • A neighbor of the 65-year-old claimed that the man has been feeling “sick” following the divorce.

A wealthy 65-year-old Indonesian man and his 19-year-old bride have allegedly divorced after two months of marriage.

The man, Haji Sondani, and his bride, Fia Barlanti, got married on May 18 in West Java, Indonesia. Haji had also bought Barlanti a house and car, reported Kompas. 

The couple first went viral in May for the age gap between them and the bride’s dowry of RM149,346.15 (approximately $33,598.69).

After the wedding ceremony, the two performed an Umrah, visiting Mecca with Barlanti’s family. Haji had also reportedly paid for the Barlanti family’s travel expenses. 

An Instagram post from Indonesian social media outlet Underc0ver.id on Aug. 3, however, confirmed that the two had divorced, although the reason remains unknown.

An individual claiming to be Haji’s neighbor stated that the 65-year-old man has been ill since the divorce. 


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