Inside the Ultra-Exclusive Black American Express Card Made Only For the Elite

The American Express Centurion Card aka the Black American Express card is literally the most exclusive charge card in the world. One needs to spend over $250,000 a year, meet net worth requirements and have impeccable credit in order to be eligible for it. The initiation fee is $7,500, and you need to pay $2,500 a year to keep the card. The price for exclusivity is certainly not cheap.

Recently, a rich friend of mine received his new card in the mail and invited me over to unbox it.

Here’s the outside of the welcome package it comes in.

How it looks when you open it.

A welcome letter in German. 

I have no clue what this says, but I assume it’s the contact info for their concierge service. 

Front of the card. I had to blur the name and number for obvious reasons. 

Back of the card. 

It also comes in this awesome metal card holder. 

We immediately took the card out for a spin over lunch at a busy restaurant nearby. As we were finishing our food, the waitress came over numerous times to repeatedly ask us if we needed anything (translation: there are a lot of people waiting, and I need you to hurry up and leave). After she came over for the fifth time, my friend took out the card and paid with it. The lady took a glance at the card, went to the back and then reemerged to tell us to take as much time as we needed. She never came back.

The infographic below sums up everything about this coveted card and the perks you’ll receive from having it.

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