Waverly Labs Pilot: Startup to Unveil Revolutionary Real-Time Language Translation Earpiece

A startup claims to have developed a potentially groundbreaking device that may finally put an end to language barriers.

By next week, New York-based tech firm Waverly Labs will be unveiling the Pilot, an in-ear automatic translator that enables users of different languages to communicate easily.  

Dubbed as “the world’s first new smart earpiece,” the gadget works with the aid of a smartphone app and two Bluetooth earbuds that allows two people speaking different languages to communicate in real-time.

No specific description on the technology has been provided by the company yet, except that it uses “translation technology” embedded in its app.

In a short demonstration video of the Pilot, a Waverly Labs employee said that he came up with the idea for the device after “meeting a French girl” he was not able to communicate with.

The Pilot, which is designed to work offline, will be able to translate between English, French, Spanish and Italian upon launch, with additional support for other languages planned for a later date.

Waverly Labs is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo on May 25, where interested parties can pre-order the Pilot between $129 and $179. The Pilot earpieces will come in red, white and black upon its planned release in Q3 this year, and are expected to retail for between $250 and $300.

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