‘Waterfall Restaurant’ in the Philippines Will Literally Make You Wet

A restaurant in the Philippines that sits beside a waterfall is a must-see on your travel bucket list — except under terrible weather, of course.

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Check out Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant, located at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in Quezon Province, east of Manila.

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As seen in photos, the restaurant offers guests the unique experience of enjoying traditional Filipino food while soaking their feet in water.

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Apparently, visitors who want to take breaks from the restaurant’s buffet course can bask in the water as they please.

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“It’s literally refreshing to eat at a restaurant like this,” said Joy Legaspi, a tourist from Manila. “It’s not everyday when city folks like me can eat next to a waterfall.”

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It’s all fun until the weather turns bad, in which case the staff would ask guests to be transferred for their safety.

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