Water Park Will Give 67% Discount to Guys With Dad Bods

Water Park Will Give 67% Discount to Guys With Dad BodsWater Park Will Give 67% Discount to Guys With Dad Bods
Bryan Ke
July 22, 2019
A water park in Taiwan has announced a slightly unusual promotion for their male visitors that offers to significantly discount their entrance fees if they are willing to show off their potbellies.
A typical entrance ticket for Leofoo Water Park in northern Taiwan costs roughly 599 New Taiwan dollars ($19), but for those who are willing to show off their dad bods, the fee will be cut down to 199 New Taiwan dollars ($6), according to the park’s official Facebook post via Taiwan News.
The discount offer, which only ran during the weekend and is expected to be extended at a later date, led to some uncomfortable exchanges between male visitors and the water park’s employees.
It was said in the report that fathers who go to the park with their families usually don’t express any problems with exposing their bellies, but men who come in groups often denied the existence of their  beer bellies even when the clerk informed them of the discount.
As for young couples, however, girlfriends would reportedly tell the employee working at the entrance that their boyfriends had big bellies, but the men would instead suck in and tense up, in an attempt to make it look like they had abs.
It is unclear when the theme park will start the offer again. In the mean time, it’s best to check out their Facebook page for any future announcements.
Featured images via Facebook / Leofoo Water Park
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