Watch Koreans Speak to a Native English Speaker For the First Time

Many Korean students study English in their native country, but not many get the opportunity to converse with an actual native English speaker. 

Recently, YouTube channel Asian Boss spoke to a few Koreans who have or are currently studying English. The subjects’ experience with the language ranged from 6 to over 15 years.

One student pointed out that one of the major issues with English education in Korea is that it doesn’t encourage speaking or listening.

“Rather than teaching us how to be good at English, they are teaching us how to solve problems better and how to get better SAT scores,” he said.

They also discussed “English Nausea,” a phenomenon where you freeze up when approached and spoken to by a foreigner.

From there, the subjects are offered a chance to speak to a native English speaker. Most of the subjects are already nervous…

… But they agree to go out of their comfort zone this time.

Check out how they do in the video below:

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