Watch Hillary Clinton Try Boba Milk Tea For the First Time

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has taken her first step to becoming an honorary Asian after trying her first boba milk tea while on the campaign trail in New York City.

Clinton stopped by Kung Fu Tea in Flushing for some classic milk tea with boba… and she loved it.

But perhaps the one other person who deserves some recognition here is the guy who presumably made Clinton’s boba milk tea standing on her left.

He watches, palms together, nervously waiting for her critical reaction to his tapioca-filled work of art.

Clinton decides whether she likes this “boba thing” all the kids talk about. He still waits, sweat beading on his forehead (we imagine).

Clinton turns to the boba master chef…

Clinton approves!! “I’ve never had chewy tea before!” she says. The unknown artist is satisfied.

A job well done, indeed.

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