Watch Fresh-Faced, 28-Year-Old Elon Musk Make His First Millionaire Splurge

What’s it like when your startup finally makes it big? For Elon Musk in 1999, the feeling was encapsulated in a $1 million McLaren F1 hypercar.

After selling his first startup Zip2 to Compaq for more $300 million over a decade ago, the then-28-year-old Musk rewarded himself with the super car, of which there are only 62 in the world, he brags in an unearthed CNN Perspectives documentary found on YouTube by Business Insider.

Musk says in the video:

“Three years ago, I was showering at the YMCA and sleeping on the office floor. Now I have a million-dollar car and a quite a few creature comforts.”

The F1, which Musk’s ex-wife Justine describes in the video as “decadent,” has 627 horsepower and can reach speeds of more than 240 mph. Because performance alone just isn’t enough, the engine compartment is lined with 24-carat gold.
Musk used the car as a daily driver for years, logging 11,000 miles on its odometer. In an interview with BI, Musk explains that he crashed his prized car after trying to show off to Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel.
While $1 million seems like a lot to pay for a car, the McLaren F1 has appreciated in value since, with the 28th one ever produced going for $10.5 million last year.
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