Watch Foreigners in China Struggle With Basic Facts About the Country

Curious eyes all over the world have been on China since Beijing commenced their “Two Sessions”, the Chinese government’s annual pair of plenary sessions, roughly two weeks ago. But foreigners living in the mainland couldn’t care less — many didn’t even know that the national flag has five stars.

China Matters found this out in a new video, where expats and travelers were asked of their knowledge about China and its government, particularly the current political event.

As it turned out, many of them had little to no idea of the Two Sessions.

The video kicks off asking details on the Chinese flag. Most interviewees got the color right but failed at counting its stars.

Some were quick to identify who the president is, but others had no clue.

The foreigners were also asked to compare the government of their country of origin to China’s, to which some responded:

(American): “I’m gonna root for the Americans ‘cause I’m American. I would say that we both are holding our own pretty well.”

(French): “The unemployment in France is increasing and here it looks like stable.”

(South African): “One of the main reasons why I love this country so much is that I can walk around the streets completely safe.”

How much do you know about China? Check out the video below:

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