Woman Complains About Popcorn, Son of China’s Richest Man Comes to the Rescue

A frustrated cinemagoer in China has found out that sometimes it pays to complain, especially if those in power are listening.

After finding her box of popcorn was only about 80 percent full, a woman posted a picture of her less-than-generous portion to Weibo, according to South China Morning Post.

Around an hour later, Wang Sicong — the son of Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man and chairman of Dalian Wanda group, which owned the movie theater the woman visited — responded to the woman’s post.

“In the future, when you go to the cinema just say my name. You will enjoy free popcorn of a lifetime,” Wang Sicong wrote on his Weibo.

Although it’s unclear if Wang’s offer was real, his post since been shared over 68,000 times and liked by over 145,000 people.

Wang is a controversial figure in China who is known to speak his mind. In an interview he gave in September, he spoke on the lack of freedom in the country, saying: “The state chooses what’s mainstream, and you have to conform to that. If your ideals are not mainstream, then you’re wrong.”

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