Chinese Barber’s Traditional Method To Perm Hair is Scary AF

A video of a Chinese using the traditional and quite risky way of perming hair was shared over the internet and went viral.

Wang Meimei is a 74-year-old Chinese barber from Jinshi in the Sichuan Province who learned the traditional method of hot tongs perming when he was just 17. This kind of method became popular in the 1980’s and Wang feels that this technique should be passed on and cherished.

South China Morning Post reported that the Chinese uncle only charges almost half a dollar for each customer and although his business has no name, patrons flock his shop eager to get their hair permed.

In order to perm the hair, Wang gets his hot tongs from the fire and dips it in water. Then he wraps the hair around the tongs to create curls. The only risk factor is if the tongs are too hot, he might burn the customer’s hair. But the uncle is proud to say that he has never burned any of his customers in all the years that he used hot tongs.

In order to keep the tradition and the unique technique, Wang is passing on his skills to his granddaughter who expressed interest in the hair perming method, according to The Star.

Many online users were impressed with the Chinese barber and agreed that this old style perming technique should be treasured. Check it out below:

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