Photos Reveal What Richest Man in Asia Does Inside His Private Jet

Photos Reveal What Richest Man in Asia Does Inside His Private Jet
Ryan General
By Ryan General
June 2, 2016
Netizens were given a never-before-seen glimpse into a day in the life of one of Asia’s richest entrepreneurs, Wan Jianlin via a live online broadcast for a talk show.
The outspoken Chinese billionaire allowed a camera crew inside his luxurious private jet to document his typical non-work day during a live broadcast with an internet show last weekend.
The Dalian Wanda Group chairman was seen playing poker with some friends inside his deluxe plane, reported China Money Network. He was also later shown strolling along in Nanchang with his entourage.
Jianlin, who has a net worth of US$28.7 billion, reportedly allowed the brief exposure of his private life on video to help promote Panda TV,  an online live video platform launched by his son Wang Sicong last year.
Sicong recently stated in an interview that online live broadcast is set to become more popular in the future as he sees the medium as an effective new way to distribute content.
Such platform is indeed rising in popularity in China as its use has expanded from merely focused on performance (singing or dancing) to all varying types of content. Chinese companies have come to tap into into this growing niche with Panda TV, along with Netease and Xiaomi, joining first generation online streaming sites like Youku Tudou, and even Tencent.
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