South Korea Bans Chinese Tycoon Accused of Se‌x‌ua‌lly A‌ssa‌ult‌i‌ng Two Korean Employees

A court in Seoul has rejected Chinese tycoon’s plea to lift the ban South Korea has imposed on him after he reportedly sexu‌al‌ly‌ as‌sa‌ulti‌n‌g two Korean female employees on his private jet.

Wang Hua, the founder and chairman of conglomerate Jeshing Group and one of China’s richest men, remains barred from ever entering the country following a ruling on Sunday. In 2014, Wang’s net worth was estimated to be under half a billion dollars.

Wang was charged with the se‌xu‌al ass‌a‌ul‌t and se‌x‌ua‌l har‌as‌smen‌t of a flight attendant and secretary in 2016, Yonhap news reports.

While the wealthy the property developer was not indicted as the two victims reportedly chose not to press charges against him upon agreeing on settlements, Korea’s immigration agency decided to impose a ban to prevent him from entering the country anyway.

In a bid to have the ban overturned, Wang had filed a lawsuit against the head of the immigration office.

In his plea, Wang argued that the sexual a‌ssa‌ul‌t took place in China, he has no prior c‌rim‌in‌al record, and that he intends to build a luxury hotel on the resort island of Jeju. His last argument apparently hinted that it would be Korea’s loss if he remained banned.

In response, the Seoul Administrative Court declared that “the public interest gained from banning a plaintiff who molested Korean citizens outweighs any potential business gains.”

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