Wandering Samurai Are Cleaning Up the Streets of Tokyo in Style

A group of eco-friendly individuals is gaining much attention for its amazing work at keeping the environment clean by picking up trash while dressed as samurais.

The group, officially known as Jidaigumi Basara, is part of the Tokyo branch of Hokkaido-based samurai performance troupe Issei Ichidai Jidaigumi, according to SoraNews24.

While the samurai mainly specialize in theatrical plays, they also often take their talent to the streets and volunteer to pick up trash with swag. It’s good practice as they try to hone their skills in front of an audience and help keep the streets clean in the process.

The environmental samurai can be seen just walking around with the trash bins strapped to their back.

Aside from samurai, Jidaigumi Basara also has female members dressed in traditional kimono outfits.

The group also does crossovers and team-ups with other environmental superheroes such as Clean Arrow, who is a parody of DC’s Green Arrow.

Not all heroes wear capes — sometimes they like to wear samurai garb or green leather sleeveless jackets.

Follow the group’s Twitter page to get updates on where you can catch them on the streets of Japan.

Featured Image via Twitter / burao0304 | (Right): / jidaigumi_tokyo

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