Asian American Man Loses Mother to COVID-19, Harassed by Racist in Walgreens


A man was recently filmed at Walgreens giving a lengthy anti-Asian and n-word-filled vulgar rant without any intervention from the staff.

The incident was filmed at a Walgreens branch on Springfield Boulevard in Bayside, Queens, by Twitter user Charlie Wang while in line to pay for the photos of his mother who died from COVID-19.

In his reply to another user, Wang explained that he didn’t say a thing to the man, adding, “Just minding my own business since I was there to pay for photos for my mom to use at her funeral.”

In the video, the man, who identified himself as a 33-year-old member of the U.S. Marines, can be heard dropping several N-words in his rant.

In the later part of the video, he revealed that his sister died from COVID-19 “that the f***ing Chinese brought here,” the man said.

He goes into detail about nuclear warfare and how he hopes it will cause deformities in children and that the women and “pretty wives will get sold off to the market,” while scratching at lottery tickets.

“You know what, we’re going to war with them,” the man said referring to China as he speaks to another shopper.

“So I’m going back over there. I can’t wait to go back over to China,” he added.

Wang replied in one of the tweet’s comments that no one in the staff nor the bystanders did anything and even agreed with his rant.

Walgreens has since reached out on Twitter.

Feature Image Screenshot via @bpcwithcharlie

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