Official Kirby Cafes in Japan want diners to try ‘Waddle Dee’s Fried Balls’

  • A dish offered at the official Kirby Cafés in Japan has elicited laughter online for its name’s unfortunate English translation, “Waddle Dee’s Fried Balls.”
  • The dish is made of tiny pizza dough balls with cajun spices and maple syrup.
  • The name is in reference to the story of Kirby and a group of Waddle Dees opening a restaurant without any cooking knowledge.

Internet users were left amused by the name of a dish on Japan’s official Kirby Cafés’ menus called “Waddle Dee’s Fried Balls.”

The dish was named after the story about the video game characters Kirby and a group of Waddle Dees that open a restaurant. Since they are unable to cook anything, the characters enlist Chef Kawasaki, and the Waddle Dees help to roll the pizza dough. 

The accurate translation for the dish is “Waddle Dee’s Lightly Hand-Rolled Pikora,” while the English translation for the menus refer to it as “Waddle Dee’s Fried Balls.” The dish is made of fried pizza dough that comes with Cajun spices and maple syrup for dipping. It has reportedly been offered at Kirby Café locations since late 2019. 

Nintendo opened the first Kirby Café in Osaka, Japan, on August 5, 2016, and there are currently two permanent locations, with one in Tokyo and the other in Hakata.


Feature image via @OnstaMonsta

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