Vietnamese Actress Recalls Traumatic Experience Meeting Harvey Weinstein in a London Hotel

Vietnamese Actress Recalls Traumatic Experience Meeting Harvey Weinstein in a London Hotel
Kyle Encina
October 16, 2017
A Vietnamese actress took to Facebook to reveal that she’s yet another victim of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual exploitation as she recalls her traumatic experience.
However, once the Vietnamese actress was in Weinstein’s room, she instead witnessed the 65-year-old film producer’s abusive sexual advances, according to Saigoneer.
“Everything suddenly turned dark when I saw Mr. Harvey Weinstein standing before me with only a towel around his waist, smiling,” Phuong recalled.
The actress remembered Weinstein asking her if she was ready to star in a few sex scenes for the Weinstein-produced 2010 film called “Shanghai”, in which she plays a spy who speaks both Chinese and English, and stars alongside Chinese-Singaporean actress Li Gong.
“I can teach you, don’t worry. Many stars have also been through this,” he told Phuong.
The producer allegedly explained to Phuong that she should just treat the sexual encounter as “necessary experiences” so that she will have “a stronger foundation in the future.”
After Phuong refused the producer’s offer and asked to return to her hotel room, she recalled having an “extremely horrifying feeling” as if her “nerves would snap.”
“I was thinking at the moment that if he were to rape me or kill me, would anybody find out and stop him?” Phuong added.
The actress received criticism for having an underwhelming role in “Shanghai” despite being promised to play a vital part. However, Phuong declined a future career in Hollywood overall saying “I didn’t want to sell myself to enter Hollywood.”
While the Vietnamese supermodel found the strength to forgive Weinstein, she still felt that he should be “punished for disrespecting and devaluing women.”
Photo via Facebook / Vũ Thu Phương
Phuong encouraged victims to share their accounts in order to warn others, as she’s certain that there are people who have suffered more than her under the producer’s abusive hands in the past nine years.
As for Weinstein, who was recently voted out of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, his abusive history with Asian women doesn’t stop there as he was previously accused of fondling a Filipina model’s breast.
Featured Image (Right) Via Flickr / david_shankbone (CC BY 2.0)
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