Voter ID Needed Because ‘All Chinese Look Alike’, Election Fraud Witness Claims

Voter ID Needed Because ‘All Chinese Look Alike’, Election Fraud Witness Claims

December 4, 2020
A Republican witness called on by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, went viral on Twitter after she said “all Chinese look alike” during a hearing on election fraud in Michigan this week.
At the legislative hearing on Wednesday, Hima Kolanagireddy, an IT specialist and CEO of ASCII Group in Farmington Hills, testified in front of the committee and argued voters must present photo identification, according to M Live.
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“A lot of people think Indians look alike. I think all Chinese people look alike. So, how would you tell? If some Chow show up, you can be anybody and you can vote,” the witness said.
Kolanagireddy, a naturalized American citizen from Indian and a Republican poll watcher at the TCF Center in Detroit, made the testimony in response to a question from the Michigan House Oversight Committee chair, who asked her what she would do to avoid voter fraud, The Wrap reported.
“I come from a country where a lot of things go wrong. Our countries are known for corruption. But when it comes to elections, from what I’ve seen here to what we used to do back in India, it is a lot more organized now because we have an identification system,” Kolanagireddy said. “And the fact that now, as the other representatives said, you can actually show up and vote without an ID. It’s shocking. How can you allow that to happen?”
This is not the first time Kolanagireddy has made an outrageous statement during a hearing. She once said White people were victims of racism and were being “ganged up against” by poll workers, MSN reported.
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“That’s racism. If people ask me was I ever treated unfairly, I would say: ‘Rarely. Come to India, you will know what racism is. But, here, no, I’ve been treated with a lot of respect,’” she said. “Now I see that white people are being treated so much worse than I was ever treated.”
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