Vogue Korea erases all traces of controversial Blue House photoshoot

Blue House
  • South Korean model Han Hye-jin and Vogue Korea have faced backlash for holding a provocative photoshoot at the country’s former Blue House.
  • The Blue House is South Korea's former executive office and home of the president.
  • Han and several other models were criticized for several reasons, including wearing Japanese attire in a traditional and historical landmark.
  • The model has since disabled comments on her Instagram account, and Vogue Korea has erased all traces of the photoshoot.

All traces of a Vogue Korea photoshoot held at the Blue House featuring model Han Hye-jin have been deleted following backlash.

On Aug. 22, Vogue Korea released photos of Han and several other models posing in different areas of the Blue House, South Korea’s former executive office and residential home of the president. 

The photoshoot, however, was immediately criticized. Korean internet users stated that it was inappropriate for Vogue Korea to feature clothing from a Japanese designer, Ryunosuke Okazaki, in a historical landmark. In addition, the hanboks, traditional Korean dresses, used in the photoshoot were disowned for purportedly not representing a traditional hanbok. 

The fashion magazine also faced backlash for having the models pose provocatively in flamboyant dresses. Internet users and members of the liberal Democratic Party stated that the photoshoot “undermined national dignity” and insulted the historical and cultural significance of the Blue House.

Following the backlash, an upcoming Gucci fashion show that was set to be held at the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul has been canceled by the Cultural Heritage Administration (CHA) to prevent further potential controversy. The constellation-themed show was planned for Nov. 1, with 500 guests invited to attend the event in the palace’s main hall, Geunjeongjeon.. 

Built in 1395, Gyeongbokgung Palace was the main residential palace of the Joseon Dynasty. 

“We had been preparing for the event with approval, before the fashion shoot controversy emerged,” a CHA official was quoted as saying per Yonhap News. “Although we expect various effects from the event, it’s not easy to go ahead with it in this situation.”

All traces of the photoshoot were erased and removed from Vogue Korea’s website as well as social media platforms. Han has disabled comments on her Instagram account following the backlash. 


Featured Image via Korea Now

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