Vogue Names K-Pop Star as Louis Vuitton’s Best Dressed Man

Vogue has named Sehun, the “maknae” of K-Pop boy group EXO, as Louis Vuitton’s Best Dressed Man at the Paris Fashion Week on March 7.

Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2017 collection was flaunted at the Cour Marly in the Louvre Museum. Sehun, who was spotted with EXO leader Suho heading off to Paris days before, attended the show in a graphic top covered by a black leather jacket and gray dress pants.

To those who have known Sehun for longer, this is big news. It seems it wasn’t too long when he still sported his iconic rainbow hair, and now here he is, winning Vogue’s approval!

The fashion magazine :

“Though he’s been known to waltz through airports in menswear looks direct from the runway and change his hair color to rainbow shades, his Vuitton moment was polished. With slick-backed locks, a colorful shirt in a kaleidoscopic print, and a black leather bomber, his vibe was simple, sexy, and perfect for a trip to the Louvre to sit in the front row.”

Check out more of his LV photos:

Photo: ruochen_g (Instagram)
Photo: ykn.mel (Instagram)
Photo: art8amby (Instagram)

Here’s one with aspiring K-Pop artist Jaden, whom we should all watch out for this year:

Photo: voguejapan (Instagram)

And some more, if you’re really into his cool style!

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