Vocativ Angers Asians After Calling Century Eggs ‘Smelly’, ‘Rotten’

Vocativ Angers Asians After Calling Century Eggs ‘Smelly’, ‘Rotten’Vocativ Angers Asians After Calling Century Eggs ‘Smelly’, ‘Rotten’
Media and technology company Vocativ has sparked outrage among Asians after posting a video that seemingly rambled about how “disgusting” century eggs are.
In the video, Vocativ calls the Chinese delicacy “smelly rotten eggs” and comments “we can’t believe people are eating them.”
The video, titled The Ghastly-Looking Century Eggs Are A Delicacy in China And A Challenge for Foreigners,” explains how the eggs are made for a few seconds before going on to highlight the delicacy’s “unappealing” characteristics.
“They emit a monstrous stench, have a murky color and a not-so-appetizing jelly-like texture,” Vocativ captions.
The video then shows clips of foreigners retching and spitting out the eggs.
“Many foreigners are trying to swallow their disgust and scoff down this strange meal…”
“…while some say it’s delicious once you get past the horrific smell.”
Vocativ ends by saying that they would “rather stick to the original.”
The video, posted on Oct. 1, has since drawn comments from furious Asians who slammed it as “ignorant” and pointed out that the delicacy is preserved, not “rotten.”
Vocativ, which claims to use “intelligent technology, smart journalists and the wisdom of the crowd to find story leads and angles no other news organization can,” appears to be unconcerned of the backlash.
According to their website, the New York-based company brings “content that is sometimes moving, sometimes funny – always revealing” and explores “all corners of our world to find the shared experience that makes us human.”
Clearly, those words are anything but the video for many Asians.
Images via Facebook / Vocativ
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