Vlogger Gets Free Upgrade to $21,000 First Class Seat, Films it All on YouTube

Hollywood filmmaker and YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat got a pleasant surprise on his Emirates Airlines flight from Dubai to New York. For reasons unknown, he got his seat upgraded to a $21,000 first class seat for free.
Naturally, the popular YouTuber documented his trip as he enjoyed the luxurious airplane ride not many of us will ever get to experience. He noted at the start of his video that he was not hired nor paid by the airline to produce his 9-minute clip.
Jokingly, he likened the feeling of getting the Emirates Airlines upgrade to the highlights of his life, such as the birth of his kids among others. And who wouldn’t?
Among the amenities he enjoyed during the 14-hour flight included: a shower, a stocked minibar, a widescreen TV with touch display and controls, a full bed, pajamas, automated doors, first-class room service, gourmet food and all sorts of classy stuff that would make any travel buff green with envy.
“It really does change your whole relationship with travel, when you take the most painful part of traveling and instead of that being a terrible experience, it goes from pain to pleasurable,” Neistat said to end the video.
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