Vladimir Putin Slays on the Piano While Waiting to Meet the Chinese President

Russian President Vladimir Putin displayed a softer side of himself while waiting to meet the Chinese president on Sunday.

Leaders from all over the world gathered in Beijing to discuss the $1 trillion “One Belt, One Road” agenda. The initiative aims to build infrastructures and promote economic growth throughout 60 countries.

One of the most influential leaders that attended the event is Russia’s Vladimir Putin who stole the show when he displayed his piano prowess while waiting for his meeting with Chinese president Xi Jingping on Sunday, reported The New York Times.

Putin played two tunes from his childhood, “Moscow Windows,” by Tikhon Khrenniko and “Evening Song,” by Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi.

According to his spokesperson, Dmitri S. Peskov, Putin “studied some papers, prepared for the meeting and also played piano” while waiting for a bilateral talk with the Chinese president.”

ITV website said that this was not the first time when Putin displayed his musical talent. Back in 2010, he wowed the crowd when he took the stage to play and sing “Blueberry Hills” at a charity event.

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