Visual Artist Creates ‘Impossible Maternity Photos’ With Family in Quarantine

Visual Artist Creates ‘Impossible Maternity Photos’ With Family in Quarantine
Maina Chen
By Maina Chen
May 29, 2020
The creative mind behind the 2016 viral mermaid drowning in an ocean of plastic, 2018 e-waste, and 2019 Vietnam #strawpocalypse photos returned with an adventurous quarantine photo shoot featuring his pregnant sister, her husband, and the handiwork of his mother’s discarded vegetable and fruit scraps.

Quarantine photo shoots have been trending since the COVID-19 lockdowns, and one photographer opted for an escape.
Von Wong’s masterplans for the impromptu project came from his mom. Titled “Impossible Maternity Photos” Von’s blog post stated the whole thing started when she noticed that corn looked like skyscrapers. From there, her inspirations kept coming.
With his 8-month pregnant sister, her husband, and the family members posing in stills, Von would reposition their tiny cutout silhouettes based on the theme for the day. His mom would create entire landscapes out of discarded fruit, vegetable scraps, and bark as the backdrops.
Von rounded off the 5-part saga in a series of behind-the-scenes videos and the adventurous resulting photo collections posted to his social media platforms.
Part one featured a corn cob skyline dyed in beet juice and the expecting couple as daring tight rope walkers.
The making of part two:
Part two starred the couple as curious scuba divers in an aquatic plunge through pomegranate reefs.
The making of part three:
Part three displayed the family wading through incense rivers and vegetable jungles on mango and dragonfruit paddleboards.
The making of part four:
Part four highlighted family fun as they rappelled down their own potato and tree bark “Corona Mountain” while the mother-to-be watched.
Making of part five:
Part five closed off on the Wong family’s #lockdownadventures with the couple as skiers flying off banana and potato slopes, on baking flour snow.
The Montreal-based artist showed how a bit of creativity, food scraps, and family effort can turn out in a stunning array of special maternity photos.
Their next project will be welcoming the newborn into the family.
Featured Image via @vonwong (left), and ©Von Wong (right)
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