Ramen Restaurant Lets Lonely Diners ‘Eat’ with Japanese Idols

For the Japanese, eating a delicious bowl of ramen is an experience best shared over a hearty laugh and conversation with a friend or a partner.

That’s why Osaka ramen chain Sasayama came up with a solution for those who eat by their lonesome by giving them a virtual date.

According to RocketNews24, the restaurant is offering a special promotion at their America Mura and Tenjinbashi branches wherein diners can enjoy their ramen meal in the company of a Japanese idol.

Customers are given a card with a QR code which gives access to one of five videos featuring members of popular Japanese girl group Hamburgirls Z.

The video, which supposedly creates an illusion of eating with a randomly chosen young lady,  can easily be accessed via any smartphone. She will then enjoy eating some ramen along with the diner.

In this sample clip, Hamburgirls Z’s Ku-chan playfully offers her noodle-filled chopsticks to her lucky date.

A customer gets only one QR card for each order of ramen bowl. Since a specific idol can’t be chosen per order, the patron must back until they finally get to eat with their favorite idol. Of course, you can always be a virtual playa and date them all one after the other. The promotion is up until August 31.

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