Man hurls anti-Asian, anti-gay slurs at couple over parking space in Virginia

Man hurls anti-Asian, anti-gay slurs at couple over parking space in Virginia
Ryan General
July 12, 2021
A home security camera captured a gay couple subjected to homophobic and xenophobic verbal insults on Saturday evening over a parking space dispute in Virginia.
Not so neighborly: Jim and Mary Wood allegedly spewed anti-gay and anti-Asian slurs at Kyle and Leo Liu Metz, their next-door neighbors in Old Town, Alexandria, reported WUSA9
  • The Woods are seen venting their anger toward the Metz’s after having difficulty parking their Tesla into the space behind their home.
  • The recorded video shows Jim Wood screaming, “C’mon b*** buddy. Come over here, you old f***!”
  • Kyle Metz, who heard a crash and thought someone hit his car, went outside, responding, “What am I?” 
  • Wood erupted into a tirade, saying, “Oh no, we love LGBT. I want you to (bleep) him every (bleep) night.”
  • Another neighbor who tried to intervene also received insults from Wood.
  • Leo Liu Metz called the experience “very dehumanizing” in an interview with WUSA9, noting that the couple accused him of spreading COVID-19. “I’m Asian, and that was very hurtful,” he said.
Under investigation: The incident, which the Alexandria Police are now investigating, originated from a months-long argument over the Metz’s planter box, which the Woods said causes hindrance in their parking space despite the Metz’s claim that it’s on their property.
  • According to the Metz’s, they were open to letting the Woods’ car come a few inches onto their property, but the tirade made them less sympathetic.
  • They have now secured an emergency protective order against the Woods, who are also reportedly planning to countersue in Alexandria.
  • Denying that they were anti-gay, Mary Wood said her “husband says he loves LBGT. He just thought they were an embarrassment.”
Featured Image via WUSA9
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