Viral Video Shows Woman in China Giving Birth on the Street While Out Shopping

The video of a Chinese woman giving birth to her baby on the street while out grocery shopping is now going viral on the country’s social media.

The viral clip on Miaopai, China’s video sharing platform similar to YouTube, shows the unidentified woman in terrible pain as she stands beside the pedestrian walkway of a market place located in Yunfu in Guangdong Province, China.

Upon closer inspection, viewers can see that the newborn baby is lying on the concrete floor as people come rushing to the woman’s aid, providing her with chairs and a piece of cardboard. The clip went on to show the woman standing on the sidewalk with two elderly ladies assisting her and the newborn baby.

The paramedics soon arrived at the location to check the health status of the mother and her newborn baby. Since there weren’t any complications with the childbirth, the woman was given a clean bill of health by the medical response team.

For most people, the ordeal would give them a great deal of shock — both mentally and physically. Instead of taking a few hours to recuperate, the woman picks up her baby in one hand and the grocery in the other, and continues to walk down the street like nothing happened.

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