Viral Video of Japanese School Girl Followed By Creepy Cameraman Shocks Netizens

Viral Video of Japanese School Girl Followed By Creepy Cameraman Shocks Netizens
Kyle Encina
July 28, 2017
A video featuring a Japanese school girl being eerily stalked by a cameraman shocked the internet with its bizarre outcome. Seeing a creepy cameraman getting real close to a school girl already sets off lots of red flags but this video proves that not all is as it seems.
A clip posted on Twitter shows a Japanese school girl wearing a backpack as the cameraman calls on her from behind. The cameraman calls on the attention of the girl by yelling “Hey, you there, miss, come on.”


— エーデルワイス門田樹 (@kadotaitsuki) July 25, 2017

Regardless of the cameraman’s efforts, the Japanese school girl seems to be ignoring him at all costs. Just as the cameraman was closing-in, the “school girl” suddenly parts her hair revealing the face of a man.
It turns out that the cameraman was staring at the front of a full-grown man all along albeit with a wig over his face. The shocking turn of events not only stunned the internet, it had netizens bursting in laughter.
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While some Twitter users were more horrifed that words simply weren’t enough to express themselves.
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According to SoraNews24, the clip originated from Japanese Twitter user @kadotaitsuki. The Tweet came with a caption that says “I tried speaking to this school girl.”
This seemingly harmless prank might be fun to watch but the JK industry is a very real problem in Japan. According to JapanTimes, the “JK business”, otherwise known as joshi kosei or high school girl, is an industry that exploits the minors of Japan.
The Japanese police are cracking down on businesses who employ high school students in compensated dating services called “enko.” Unfortunately, the reality of the situation is that it’s not that easy to completely get rid of such services.
In addition, most of these services operate within the internet, which makes them even harder for the police to track. A police official explains that as long as there are high school girls willing to work to earn pocket money, there will be men who will take advantage of these situations.
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