Viral Video Captures Horrifying Moment Jaywalker in Singapore Gets Hit By a Scooter

A man who was sent flying in the air and skidding on the road after being hit by an oncoming motorcycle has gone viral in Singapore with netizens calling him out for crossing the street on a green light.

The accident, which was posted on the Singapore Reckless Drivers Facebook page on Sunday, was caught on a dash camera.

The video shows the man trying to hastily cross the street on a green light but failed as he was severely hit by a speeding motorcycle.

It’s unclear how serious his injuries are, but it appears he was hit pretty hard. He was catapulted a few feet forward in front of another vehicle.

It’s also unknown when and where this video was taken, but the SMRT bus service 857, which travels between Yishun and Suntec City, can be spotted, according to Coconuts Singapore.

Instead of running away, the motorcycle driver immediately hit his breaks and got off his ride to check on the man.

Other motorists also stopped to see if the man was alright including the driver in front of the dash cam.

Some commenters were more concerned about the condition of the bike instead of the status of the injured man.

But there were still netizens who tried to see both perspectives.

Others gave props to the driver.

Images via Facebook / sgreckless

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